i’ve seen posts and tweets that basically say “HAHA KINGS” and i just want you to know that you fucking suck. you’re really going to sit there, in the wake of finding out that a person was abused by someone close to them, and your first thought is “i can use this to make fun of a hockey team”. go crawl back into your hole. scumbag

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Jonathan Quick talks with LA graffiti artist Mr. Cartoon about designing custom LA Kings gear. [x]

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Trevor Lewis | 2014.08.27 | © Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune
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[talking about communication] “If you’re a good team, that helps on the ice. You have more fun and things work so much better.”

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hey before anyone starts the NHL > NFL bullshit please remind yourself that the NHL paid 0 attention to their players who were accused of rape and domestic violence in the past 2 years so this reaction, while an improvement is still a PR move and doesn’t mean much as far as how much…

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